Ben Uzelac and Tim Siemer for city council

Timothy Siemer is running against Ben in the upcoming election for 7th Ward Alderman. Below is Tim’s platform, and how Ben compares.

Tim has been a “Quincy resident for 35 years, last 20 in Ward 7”.
Ben has lived in Quincy his entire life, and has lived in Ward 7 since he turned 18. His first apartment was on 8th Street, between Adams and Jackson and he now lives at 6th and Adams.

Tim is a “Working class citizen”.
Ben is too.

Tim “Appreciates the values of this historic ward”.
Ben has lived in the historic loft apartments, later ran for alderman, and currently owns a home in the ward which was built in 1880, specifically because he appreciates its historic value to the city and wants to see it even better.

Tim “Understands the need for community growth”.
Ben understands this as well. In fact, Ben voted for former Mayor Moore’s 45×30 plan designed to expand our population to 45,000 people by the year 2030. Additionally, Ben has worked with other aldermen to embrace a new strategy for growth that has already brought Quincy a new Target Store and encouraged over 150 new families to locate here.

Tim “Upholds having clean, safe neighborhoods”.
Ben does too. Ben has worked to expand the Fix or Flatten program and was instrumental in forming the Neighborhood Beautification Ad-Hoc Committee, whose purpose was to find ways to help clean our neighborhoods, and keep them that way. Ben often works with both the City Inspectors and Quincy Police Department to address safety issues within the 7th ward.

Tim is “Dedicated to help, serve, and hear from residents”.
Ben ran for office so that he could help, serve, and hear from the residents of the 7th ward.

Public Safety Support
Tim says that he “Respects Law Enforcement and community leadership”.
Ben has voted in favor of multiple Police and Fire union contracts, serves on the 9-1-1 board, and has been a vocal against Mayor Troup’s attempts to influence to the Police and Fire Commission. Ben has a great working relationship with several community organizations, including the Quincy Public Library, GREDF, The District, and our Chamber of Commerce.

The bottom line is: Everything Tim is running on, Ben also believes in or is already doing. Vote for Ben on April 4th.