Ben Uzelac and Brennan Hills for city council

Brennan Hills is running as a write-in candidate against Ben in the upcoming election for 7th Ward Alderman. Below is Brennan’s platform, and how Ben compares.

Brennan says, “The most pressing issue we face as a community is our city government’s refusal to respond to the housing crisis” and goes on to argue that the city’s inspections department is ineffective.

Ben was in favor of a rental housing inspection ordinance that would add a full-time employee whose job would be dedicated to inspecting rental units. The city council didn’t support the ordinance. It was instead modified to be a rental property registration ordinance, which Ben again supported, but the ordinance was rejected on a 5 to 9 vote.

Brennan says “It is the responsibility of our elected officials to fight for progress and enact change, not protect and defend the status quo.”

Ben agrees.

In 2020, Ben introduced a plan to let voters decide whether to reform Quincy’s City Council. The plan was rejected by city council on a 6 to 8 vote.

In 2022, Mayor Troup replaced a long-time member of the Police and Fire commission with someone who donated to his mayoral campaign. Ben opposed the appointment and asked the hard question: “How much did he donate to your campaign?”

Brennan says “The decision to end curbside recycling was disastrous”.

Ben voted to keep curbside recycling.

Ben has years of relevant experience and fights hard for the constituents of the 7th ward every day. Vote for Ben on April 4th.